Increased safety is increased peace of mind.

We have a comprehensive safety program in place and are always working to improve our systems and culture. We are constantly working with our crews to ensure we are performing at our best. Using a hands-on approach with coaching, mentoring and training we seek to create a work environment where our employees take ownership for their safety and the safety of others. Implementing a combination of positive reinforcement and accountability, we work to build a safety culture everyone can be proud of.

Since our scope of work starts at ground zero, we understand that we are setting the safety tone for the project. It is our goal to have zero incidents and injuries. This goal starts at the top of our organization, from our owner and president, to the superintendents, the foremen and to the workers in the field. With the proper pre-planning and training, by our men and women making the right choice and the right decision, and us all looking out for each other, we can ensure that everyone goes home safe to their families.